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Discovering Our Pittsburgh Storage Roots

When we got the idea to launch City Center Self Storage, it was driven in part by our desire to bring a historical building back into modern use.  Our business is housed inside River Walk Corporate Centre, which is the modern name for what was originally called Pittsburgh Terminal Properties.  The records we found noted that when built in 1906, Pittsburgh Terminal Properties was the largest building in Pittsburgh at the time and the largest warehouse between New York and Chicago.

Reading those facts on the page was impressive, but it took another discovery for us to really internalize what a piece of Pittsburgh storage history we were recreating.

While looking for something on the internet late one night, a search on “Pittsburgh Terminal Properties” brought up an interesting hit on E-bay for the postcard below.

PTP postcard 13 1024x329 Discovering Our Pittsburgh Storage Roots

There’s no clear date on the postmark of this one, but judging by others, it was mailed around 1910.

Seeing our building on a 100+ year old postcard was humbling and inspiring!  When one postcard turned to many with different designs, we were wowed!  To date we’ve discovered and purchased about eight such postcards and are actively looking for me.  (If you have any or know where we could find them, we’d love to hear from you.)

PTP postcard 21 Discovering Our Pittsburgh Storage Roots

The post mark shows this one was mailing in 1911. Postage for a postcard back then was $0.01!

Knowing where we come from and respecting our history is very important to us.  We are proud of the Pittsburgh self-storage business and shared workspace business we are building.  Both businesses honor the building and are helping to bring part of it back to life for its original storage purpose.

Our historical Pittsburgh storage postcard collection is proudly displayed in our office.  Please stop by to check it out.  As loyal, hometown Pittsburgher’s we’re eager to share our sense of history.