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September 24, 2018
City Center Self Storage

Why Choose Our Pittsburgh Self Storage Facility

Our clients made us Pittsburgh’s favorite self storage business because:

Security Through Surveillance and Deterrence

Our self storage facility had a great security foundation to start from, literally.  Our historic building was designed over 100 years ago for secure self storage.  The builders lacked today’s modern high tech surveillance systems, so they over-engineered the building to give turn-of-the-century tenants piece of mind.  Our building has limited access points, interior space dividers, and exterior walls that are three rows of brick think.  Built solid, built right.

We added high-tech surveillance systems and additional physical security to provide maximal deterrence for our self storage clients.  Here are the most important protection components of our facility:

  • Keypad controlled access points
  • On-site guards patrolling the building and entrances
  • Well-lit, after-hours access point with ample parking, just feet from our guard station
  • High resolution, color surveillance cameras throughout our storage bays
  • Digital video recorder continually capturing camera feeds throughout our self storage area
  • We only allow cylindrical key locks, recessed into the door latch for a final level of deterrence

Effective surveillance and strong deterrence are key parts of providing you with the best Pittsburgh self storage experience.  To learn more about our surveillance features and the process we went through designing our facility, read this blog post where we explain how we designed our storage units Pittsburgh facility for high security.


Natural Climate Control

Everyone knows that climate controlled self storage units protect your belongings better, and you pay more for it, but what constitutes “climate control” varies greatly between self storage facilities.  To help you understand the different levels and different definitions of climate control and be better informed consumers, we created The Definitive Guide to Self Storage Climate Control.

Complete climate control addresses both temperature and humidity. Extremes in temperature can literally bake or freeze your belongings, causing permanent damage.  Moist air can lead to mold and rot, while air that’s too dry can cause cracking or warping.  Wide swings from one extreme to another can cause damage just by itself.

Every self storage unit at Center City Self Storage is fully climate controlled for both temperature and humidity. Our climate control comes naturally from the original architects of our historic building which was originally designed to store merchandise in transit.  When built over 100 years ago, modern heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems did not exist.  Turn-of-the-century Pittsburgh storage tenants valued safe, climate-controlled storage. Innovative architects rose to the challenge, employing low-tech, high-efficiency materials and design principles such as:

  • Exterior walls that are three layers of brick thick providing natural insulation from heat and cold.
  • Long and wide floor plans allowing lots of interior spaces (there’s even a cork-lined cold room in the center of the facility, designed specifically for cold storage)
  • Steam heat runs throughout the building from an on-site power plant, eliminating the dryness that comes with forced-air systems. Heat naturally rises to the upper floors, while our ground floor bays are supplied with supplemental heaters.

All of these elements are still at work today, providing excellent, energy-efficient climate control throughout the building without risk that extra HVAC equipment could fail.  We then added some modern touches to make our facility the ideal Pittsburgh self storage solution.  We replaced the building’s original windows with modern, thermal glass to limit temperature fluctuations. We installed digital temperature and humidity monitors throughout the storage areas that constantly track changes and alert us to potential problems.  We’re confident that our systems, both simple and sophisticated, provide the comprehensive, reliable climate control that you and your possessions deserve.  When looking for safe, fully climate controlled Pittsburgh self storage units, City Center Self Storage is your best option.


Humidity control2 Climate Control


Lots of Elevators for Upper Floor Units

Most storage facilities in Pittsburgh have only one elevator.  What happens during a busy time when multiple people want to use it?  Or even worse, what happens if it goes out of service?  You might not even be able to get to your unit!

City Center Self Storage has multiple elevators to help speed your move.  Our building was originally designed as a series of adjacent multi-story warehouses, each with it’s own freight elevator.  The building is over 100 years old, but everyone one of the original 48 freight elevators are still in service.  City Center Self Storage clients have access to one modern passenger elevator and three separate freight elevators.  Getting your belongings to our upper floors is easy at our facility.

Multiple Elevator Pictures Elevators