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January 3, 2021
City Center Self Storage

Pittsburgh Storage Units Prices

Here’s a complete list of our Pittsburgh storage units and their prices.  Availability is constantly changing, so please call us first and we can discuss your storage requirements.  All of our units are indoors and climate controlled.  We have some units on the first floor accessible directly from the street.  These are perfect for anyone that needs to move items in and out frequently. The rest of our units are on upper floors accessible by four elevators. These are great options for those who won’t need to visit their Pittsburgh storage unit frequently. Pricing is being updated and will be available shortly.

5 x 4.5Ground Floor59.95
5 x 5Ground Floor64.95
5 x 13Ground Floor85.95
5 x 10Ground Floor99.95
10 x 10Ground Floor159.95
10 x 20Ground Floor249.95
5 x 4.5Upper Floor49.95
5 x 5 Upper Floor54.95
5 x 10Upper Floor89.95
10 x 10Upper Floor139.95
10 x 13Upper Floor165.95
10 x 15Upper Floor189.95
10 x 20Upper Floor239.95

Want to avoid our usual $15 new account administration fee?
Fill out a reservation form on our main website BEFORE you come to our office.  That will also give you an automatic 24 hour hold on a unit without charge and it will allow us to get you in and out of our office quickly.

Not sure?
Filling out the form does not commit you to renting a unit and we don’t collect payment information on the form.