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January 5, 2015
City Center Self Storage

Here’s Our On-Line Rental Application to Save You Time and Hassle

One of the ways we give you a great Pittsburgh storage experience is to save you time in the middle of your day when you need it most. Fill out the information below and we will have a completed contract ready for your review and electronic signature when you get to our office. You won't waste time filling out a form by hand and watching our team type it into our computer system. This helps our business run smoothly so if you fill out the form, we will waive our usual $15 new account fee and give you a free automatic 24 hour hold on a unit! Filling out an application in no way commits you to a contract so if you change your mind, it's no big deal.

If you have questions or are unsure of any answers, enter "TBD" or another placeholder and we'll work it out when we see you in our office.

Initial Questions

These questions will determine what information we need to collect.

Client Information

If your company will be the official tenant, an authorized person at your company must fill out and sign our Corporate Authorization Form.  Click on this link to download and print the form.  If you are pressed for time, simply fill out the application as an individual.  When you come to our facility to move-in, simply sign the lease as an individual and provide a form of payment.  You can send us the Corporate Authorization Form later and we will switch your account to the company name and their preferred method of payment.
Maximum upload size: 24.19MB
If you have completed the Corporate Authorization form, you can scan and upload it with your application through the box above. You can also bring a copy with you or fax it to us at our fax to e-mail address which is 206-337-0477. (No cover page needed, just be sure your name is clear and matches your application.)
If you don't have an e-mail address, please enter "". Any automated communication will be routed back to us and we can alert you if needed.
Like all storage facilities, we require one government issued ID to complete a lease. It's for your protection. If you don't have a driver's license, please provide another form of identification such as a passport. Enter the number here and bring the ID with you for verification.
Select "Providing another form of ID" if you will use a passport or other form of identification.
Maximum upload size: 24.19MB
We need an image of your driver's license as proof of identity. We can scan it when you come to our office, or you can upload an image and send it to us now.
We are required to ask by law as special considerations apply in lien proceedings for members of the military. We will rely on this information to determine applicability of the Service Members Civil Relief Act.

Special considerations may apply if either the occupant or their spouse is a member of the military. If you are a member of the military, please skip the next field and fill out the information below for yourself. If you are not a member of the military, but your spouse is, enter their name in the next field below and fill out the information below about their service profile.
In the case of a military renter, we need to know the person who holds their power of attorney while deployed or their most direct family member. Please enter that below.

Account Information

As a client of City Center Self Storage, you will have online access to your account with us. You can log in via our website to make a payment, change your payment options, or update your contact information. You will also have your own personal access code to the building. The following questions collect the information we need to set up your account in our system.

Please enter a temporary password that's at least eight digits long. Any characters are permitted. You can change your password in our system at any time and should change it the first time you login.
Please enter a four digit numeric code that you would like to use to enter the building.

Secondary Contact Person

If you are renting a storage unit, we are required to have an another person to send notices to who has a different physical address. Please enter their information below.

We Need Some Information About What You'll Be Storing With Us...

What you store at City Center is up to you, but we have some restrictions to protect everyone’s safety. This section helps us catch any conflicts early and avoid problems down the road.

Please enter numbers only - no dollar signs ($) or other text needed.
We are required to collect contact information for anyone who has an interest in items you place in storage. Please fill in the fields below with their contact information.

Contact Information for Lien Holder or Other Owner

Help Us Get the Right Unit for You

We just need an estimate so don't worry if you're not sure. We'll help you get just the right size when you come to our office. For now just look at the self-storage sizing guide on our website which will help you get close.
All units are climate controlled. Premium access units are right off our loading dock so they are best if you will be in and out of your unit frequently, but they are more expensive. Our upper floor units are less expensive and we have multiple elevators to make access easy.


City Center Self Storage requires all tenants to carry insurance on the items they store with us. We fully explain this policy on the insurance page of our website. If you already have a homeowner’s or renter’s policy, it usually covers your personal items while they are in a self-storage facility. Please review your policy or contact your insurance carrier to find out. If you are providing your own insurance, we need a copy of the declarations page from your policy which shows your coverage for our records. If you don’t have a policy, or are not sure what your current policy covers, affordable tenant insurance is available for purchase when you sign your lease.
(If you don't have your policy handy, you can provide this information to us later.)
(If you don't have your policy handy, you can provide this information to us later.)
Maximum upload size: 24.19MB
Scanning and uploading your declarations page will shorten the time you need to spend in our office. You can also bring a copy with you or fax it to us at our fax to e-mail address which is 206-337-0477. (No cover page needed, just be sure your name is clear and matches your application.)

Last Question

*** Please note it will take up to 30 seconds after you hit "Click Here to Submit Your Application" for it to process. You'll see a screen that says "Thanks for Your Application" when it's complete ***