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January 5, 2015
City Center Self Storage

Dispatches from the South Side

  1. The Definitive Guide to Self Storage Climate Control

    City Center Self Storage
    When asked what their most important deciding factors were, people who rent Pittsburgh self storage units commonly cite proximity to their home or business and the rental price of the unit.  What should be right up there with those two factors is whether the unit is climate controlled or not. If you are willing to pay to store your belongings, then they are valuable to you by definition.  You need to be sure they are not only protected from theft, but protected from all the problems that can come with an improper storage climate.  The challenge for you the client...
  2. When it Comes to Self Storage, A Picture is Worth
    a Thousand Words

    City Center Self Storage
    Diana Nelson Jones of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette put up a blog post about our facility, noting our historical roots.  Someone who read that post reached out to let us know that the University of Pittsburgh has a digital library of historical images going back well over one hundred years.  They had a whole book in their archive on our facility. The book opened a treasure trove of pictures and history about the Pittsburgh Terminal Warehouses, now known as River Walk Corporate Centre.  The pictures and text are priceless.  They underscore every claim we make about our self storage Pittsburgh facility....
  3. The Role of Insurance in Pittsburgh Self Storage

    City Center Self Storage
    To some, insurance is just another added expense.  To others, it’s peace of mind. I’m a firm believer in the value of insurance, so much so that I’ve made it my profession.  I help people gain peace of mind every day in my role at the Personal Sales Department at Liberty Mutual in Pittsburgh. When the team at City Center Self Storage invited me to write this blog post and help explain the importance of insurance in Pittsburgh self storage facilities, I jumped at the chance.  Self storage facilities present a great opportunity to help people understand how insurance works,...
  4. Designing our Pittsburgh Storage Facility
    for High Security

    City Center Self Storage
    Our clients entrust us with keeping their belongings safe, secure, and climate controlled.  It is a responsibility that we don’t take lightly.  In fact, we created our facility from the ground up for high security.  We had a great foundation to start from (literally).  Our historic Pittsburgh storage building was designed over 100 years ago for secure storage.  The builders lacked modern high tech security systems, so they over-designed the building to give turn-of-the-century tenants piece of mind.  Our building has limited access points, interior space dividers, and exterior walls that are three rows of brick think.  Built solid, built...